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How to Identify and Treat Ben Tun Patterns in Everyday Clinical Presentations

Learn how to identify the ben tun pattern and how to choose herbs, herbal formulas, acupuncture, and more

Common Methods Used to Compound Chinese Herbal Granule Formulas

Learn common simple and efficient methods to effectively mix Chinese herbal granules into custom formulations:
Single herbs
Formulas with added herbs
Formula plus formula(s)
Formula plus formula(s) with added herbs

Prescribing Herbs Online: Strategies and Tips for Prescribing Chinese Herbal Formulas Using Telemedicine.

Prescribing Chinese herbal formulas is not an easy task. But when you cannot diagnose the pulse, palpate the abdomen, or use you sense of smell, it becomes more difficult! The course will offer strategies, tips and suggestions for prescribing herbal formulas online!